Live updates: CNN town hall with Andrew Yang

Businessman Andrew Yang said Sunday that he was confused by the support he has received online by some white nationalists, something he disavowed.

Yang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, has curiously received support on online message boards, as well as more mainstream sites like Reddit, from a series of white nationalist accounts. Part of the reason, the campaign believes, is because he has tweeted about demographic changes.

“I disavowed any of that support,” Yang said Sunday. “I don’t want anyone that has an agenda different than that of this campaign. We’re trying to solve the problem.”

Yang joked about the support, too.

“I don’t look much like a white nationalist. It’s been a point of confusion,” he said to laughs, adding that one reason his campaign believes he has been getting the support is because he once retweeted a New York Times report that addressed the impact opioids are having on white communities in the Midwest and South.

Yang wrote in his book, “The War on Normal People,” that the group he worries about most in America is poor whites, something that is also believed to have encouraged support from white nationalists.

“In the context of my book, I was saying, how will this tribalism and violence manifest itself. Poor whites who felt like they had no future and then that violence would emerge in large part because that group would become increasingly angry and distressed,” he said. “That’s the context of the book.”

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