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A “multi-agency incident” is underway at Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown, police confirmed. ACC Mark Hamilton said: “I can confirm there are two fatalities at this stage and a small no of other casualties. Parents are asked to collect children from Family and Friends reception at Glenavon Hotel.” He added: “While the exact cause of the incident is still unknown, there are reports of a crush at the scene.”

Belfast Live has reported several people have been badly injured after a “stampede” at the venue at around 9.30pm on Sunday. 

Family and friends have been urged to collect their children immediately from the Glenavon Hotel on the opposite side of the road.

A St Patrick’s disco night was taking place at the venue in The Drum Road.

Northern Ireland ambulance crews are treating people at the scene following reports several people felt unwell.

Cookstown councillor, Trevor Wilson, said police have confirmed to him that two people have died in a hotel incident in the town tonight.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “There seems to have been a stampede, and a number of people have been badly injured.”

Mr Wilson has since added: “This incident has profoundly shocking the entire area and the people of Cookstown.

“My immediate thoughts are with the families of the decease, and everyone else who has been affected.”

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The cause of the incident is currently unknown.

A source told Belfast Live: “A number of young people have suffered severe injuries and are being taken to hospital for emergency care. Our thoughts are with them and their families.

“This is a desperate situation on what should have been a fantastic night. It will be memorable for all the wrong reasons now.

“A lot of people had congregated outside the Greeenvale and there was a lot of carry on but suddenly all hell broke loose and there was a big panic.

“People were running all over the place.

“We were trying to get away. Someone was doing CPR on someone on the ground.”

People have been taken to Antrim Area Hospital for treatment for various injuries and another to Craigavon Area Hospital.

Journalist Brendan Marshall has refuted claims there was a crush at the event.

He told BBC News NI: “Contrary to the rumours that had been circulating there had been no crushing and nothing had collapsed.

“He told me that a number of young people had become seriously ill. He said one young person was brought to him by a friend to have their pulse checked.

“The DJ then shone a light in their eyes to check whether they were alive.”

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