Royal rift in Princess Markle’s ‘Dear Daddy’ letter Video

  • Now Playing: Meghan Markle backs four charities

  • Now Playing: Meghan Markle waxwork unveiled at Madame Tussauds

  • Now Playing: Meghan Markle holds dogs at animal charity visit

  • Now Playing: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out in support of vets

  • Now Playing: Royal rift in Princess Markle’s ‘Dear Daddy’ letter

  • Now Playing: Thousands flee Venezuela daily as Maduro blocks US aid

  • Now Playing: Massive fire terrorizes New Zealand

  • Now Playing: Humanitarian aid for Venezuelans stored at border bridge as military blocks passage

  • Now Playing: Lanterns light up cities across China for Lunar New Year

  • Now Playing: A massive storm hits Ireland

  • Now Playing: Humanitarian crisis along the Venezuelan border

  • Now Playing: People of the week: Afghanistan edition

  • Now Playing: Venezuela blocks US aid transports

  • Now Playing: Venezuelan support could swing to Juan Guaido amid Maduro’s aid blockade

  • Now Playing: Statue of Liberty replica, Super Bowl LIII, the State of the Union: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: Railroad tracks disappear during Australian floods

  • Now Playing: Railroad tracks disappear during Australian floods

  • Now Playing: House of Commons debates “hell” remarks

  • Now Playing: Nicolas Maduro orders military to block aid caravans at country’s border

  • Now Playing: Venezuelans flock to Colombian border for humanitarian aid amid crisis

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