Republicans Are No Longer Committed to That Whole Peaceful Transfer of Power Thing : politics

your other reply got placed in the trash where it belongs but I’ll indulge:

How about a 2 year

pretty fast compared to other investigations. can you believe they indicted more people in 2 years than some special counsel investigations indicted in 8? WAY more guilty verdicts than the benghazi hearings too!

$40 million + investigation

Manafort’s asset forfeiture already has the investigation making money

that has so far nailed Manafort for tax crimes in the 90’s and then recent uncovered that Trump’s lawyer said business talks with Moscow actually ended in June instead of January of 2016 , which was still well before the election.

did you know that Mueller has more information than the general public? did you know that prosecutors charge people with one thing, then wait to see what they do, then charge them more?

those are called “rhetorical questions”, you don’t have to answer, the answer is “no, I did not know those things”

How about the hundreds of appointments Trump has made that the democrats refuse to confirm just because they are pedantic dicks?

are you trying to be as wrong as possible? you’re very good at being wrong.

And when they can’t defeat a cause, they delay it like toddlers.

thanks for the link, literally all three of the things they list are rules of the government that they are taking advantage of. you just don’t like it because it doesn’t help your team.

and, as your president says, taking advantage of those rules “makes them smart”.

Shameful, really. But not at all surprising.

this was pretty shameful, yes, but not in the way that you think

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