No more counting sheep: Proven behaviors to help you sleep – Harvard Health Blog

As humans, we spend about one-third of our lives asleep. Though science has taught us about the human brain’s exquisite control of our daily sleep and wake patterns, tens of millions of Americans still don’t get the sleep they need. Nearly 20% of American adults report using a sleep medication to help them sleep, despite

Adoptions fall by 62% as IVF success rises

Image copyright Heather Bell Image caption Heather with her husband and four children Heather Bell persevered with IVF for almost five years before she had children. “I thought about adopting all the time,” she told BBC News, but her and her husband decided to pursue IVF. The boss of a body that represents children in

Back dental implant aids 3 paralysed guys stroll once more

3 paralysed guys, that were informed they would certainly invest the remainder of their lives in a mobility device, are able to stroll once again many thanks to medical professionals in Switzerland.An electric tool placed around the guys’s spinal columns enhanced signals from their minds to their legs. Many thanks to an electric dental implant

Over half your body is not human

“That’s been fine-tuned a lot more detailed to one-to-one, so the existing quote is you’re concerning 43% human if you’re counting up all the cells,” he says.But genetically we’re also a lot more outgunned.”Where job on the microbiome comes in is seeing just how modifications in the microbiome, that took place as an outcome of

If they take the effort, ladies are sorry for laid-back sex much less

Scientists spoke with 547 Norwegian and also 216 American college pupils, all of them heterosexual.The solutions recommended that the “clearest gender-differentiating aspect “for remorse after laid-back sex is that made the very first move.They likewise discovered that ladies really feel much less remorse if the “companion was proficient and also they really felt sexually pleased

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