Informal Learning Solutions: How To Address Issues That Online Courses Can’t Solve

Informal Learning Solutions: How To Address Issues That Online Courses Can’t Solve For many organizations, eLearning equals online courses, i.e. formal, instructional training solutions, and for many training departments, the “course” is the default object. In the recent past, if an employee or group of employees had a learning problem, they would be sent off

Helping Families Ask Questions Could Be Your Most Powerful Engagement Tool | MindShift

“It’s kind of a nice way to have them take control of the parent-teacher conference,” Brotherson said. “And I’ve actually had parents say, you know, this has been so nice.” It’s also been helpful for Brotherson because it takes time to get to know each new group of students — and parents can provide valuable

Google Is Discontinuing Inbox In March 2019. Here’s What You Need To Know –

Google Is Discontinuing Inbox In March 2019. Here’s What You Need To Know by Terry Heick I woke up to a push notification from Google regarding my beloved Inbox. It’s going away in March of 2019 Google recently announced that it is discontinuing support for Google Inbox in March 2019. Kind of a bummer but

‘Offensive’ student T-shirts are ‘hate speech’

Image copyright Getty Images A students’ union officer who leaked photos showing students wearing “offensive” T-shirts says what was written on them was “hate speech”. Members of a Lancaster University sports club were pictured wearing outfits with slogans which referenced child abuse and rape. The officer says she leaked the photos because an investigation by

Help for trauma in childhood ‘fragmented’

Image copyright Getty Images Early intervention to reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as abuse or neglect is “fragmented and variable” across England, MPs warn. The Science and Technology Committee says more help in the formative years can help stave off mental health problems in later life. The committee is urging the

The only gay female Mexican mechanical engineer in Hereford is opening a university | Education

Hereford, some local folk say, could have had a university in the early Middle Ages and become like Oxford or Cambridge. But it was then considered a dangerous frontier town, a war zone between England and Wales, and today Herefordshire is one of the few English counties lacking a university. Next year, however, some seven

Just Keep Writing #AcWriMo2018 | University of Venus

November is national academic writing month (#AcWriMo2018) and we are sharing our writing tips and techniques here at University of Venus. Last week, we started with a post on Writing Accountability Groups and this week, several writers share their secrets on getting unstuck and sticking with writing routines.   What motivates you to just keep

Add Adobe Spark Creations Into Book Creator eBooks

Adobe Spark and Book Creator are two of my favorite multimedia production tools. And now you can combine the two! Earlier this week Book Creator announced that you can now embed videos made with Adobe Spark into the pages of Book Creator ebooks. But it’s not just Adobe Spark videos that you can embed into

Parents, Here Are Good Questions to Ask Teachers (and What Not to Ask)

Dear Parents of Elementary School Children, Let’s immediately address the elephant in the room and just get straight to your question:  “Is my child being challenged enough?” As a second grade teacher who hears this from dozens of parents each year, I am begging you. Please stop asking this question.  Don’t get me wrong. I

A Step-By-Step Guide To eLearning Content Curation

eLearning Content Curation: A Step-By-Step Guide Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Knowledge is power, but when you’re overwhelmed with information, you’ll soon get stuck. Some call it analysis paralysis, while others label it the paradox of choice. The more options you have, the harder it is to

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